vinyl records to CD

Do you miss your good old vinyl record collection? Want to hear your records again, but don’t have a working turntable anymore? Do you want to be able to listen to it all on the go? Record players are terrible for use in a car or on the bus, trust me. Let OUT OF THE GROOVE convert your LPs to digital format (CD or mp3) so you can enjoy your old favourites again.

We can also remove a fair amount of the noise (hiss, scratches, pops) you often hear on records. It’s not always perfect, but we can usually improve the sound quite a bit from the original. Unfortunately there’s not much we can to fix a skip (except clean the record and try to record that section again), and if it’s a “back skip”, the kind that bumps the needle back so you keep hearing the same few seconds over and over again, we’ll have to leave that track out entirely. Luckily, this is not common unless the record has a very deep stratch.