shipping your stuff to us

If you live outside of the Toronto area, you can still take advantage of our low rates by shipping your LPs or cassettes to us. We’ve done this lots of times before and it works just great! Here’s how we go about it:

  1. You CONTACT US for our mailing address, and to let us know how many LPs and/or cassettes you are going to send.
  2. You send your stuff to us via regular mail or courier, as you wish. As for packaging materials, there are some good inexpensive options at most Canada Post locations.
  3. We transfer your LPs/cassettes to digital format and put them on CD or USB flash drive, or send a link to the files for download.
  4. You send us your payment via Paypal for the cost, including return shipping. You can also send a cheque or money order with your original shipment, if you prefer. We charge only for actual shipping costs and do not add any handling fees. The cost for return shipping should be about the same as it costs to ship us, assuming you’re using the same method. 
  5. We send your LPs/cassettes back to you along with the CDs or USB flash drive.
  6. You fire up your stereo or computer and enjoy the music! Everybody’s happy.