about us

As a long time fan of vinyl records as a medium for listening to music, I could never get rid of my collection, even though at one point I hadn’t listened to them in ages. OUT OF THE GROOVE started shortly after getting some equipment that allowed us to convert our LPs to digital format. We decided to start providing this service, at a very reasonable price, to those who did not want to invest the money (and time) to do it themselves, so they too could enjoy their old favourites.

Two years later, after converting hundreds of albums for our clients and by popular demand, we started offering cassette-to-CD conversion services also. More recently, we have upgraded our equipment so we’ve now got a couple of solid old Pioneer/Akai turntables and high-end cassette decks as well, all from back in the day when they used to build electronics to last! Much better quality than any cheap LP-to-CD solution you’d find in stores nowadays, but we still offer our service for a very reasonable price.